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Cross Channel Cargo

Reliable Sea Freight Between The UK & Ireland

Looking for regular cross channel distribution? At Surefreight Ltd we're specialists in the transportation of goods between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain. In the past we've worked alongside a range of different businesses, transporting a wide variety of cargo to different ports along the west coast of the UK.


Here at Surefreight Ltd, our service is tailored to your business and its unique requirements. Working with you, we can create personalised shipping plans which detail precise departures and arrivals, so together we can meet all of your expectations accurately. For more information or a free quote, please call us today.

Ideally Located For Cross Channel Distribution

Surefreight Ltd is located in Newry, where we can fully utilise all of the major ports and shipping routes linking Ireland and mainland Britain. As a customer, your freight and deliveries can be easily transported cross channel to your clients, benefitting you, providing your company opportunities to grow and widening your pool of clients.

Assisting You With:

Helping You Grow Your Business

One of the big benefits of choosing Surefreight Ltd, is that any long term partnership with us is sure to add value to your business. Regular and prompt deliveries and shipments, transported by our professional team, is sure to give your clients a great impression of your company and how you handle business. Simple factors such as these, are what will turn your one-off customers into repeat customers who come back to you year on year.


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